Welcome ESL Instructors!

April 14, 2009

Many Adult ESL programs continue to struggle with the frustrating nature of open-entry/open-exit classes. While open-entry classes provide ongoing access for English Learners when they are ready and available to come, they can be discouraging for the literacy and low beginning students who start the semester late.

One strategy the San Diego Continuing Education program uses is to provide these students with a workbook that helps the “newcomers” catch up to the rest of the class.

Stocked with a stack of Newcomer Workbooks, beginning and multi-level ESL instructors are better equipped to handle the continual flow of new students in to their classes. Students feel welcomed and comforted by having immediate access to comprehensible materials regardless of the day they start school.

This blog has
• the workbook’s Table of Contents
• workbook pages organized by unit
• Printable language master card labels
• Printable flashcards
• Printable question cards
• Samples of ways to use the workbooks